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What to Expect During Your Inspection with JPL Services

With JPL Services you can expect a thorough inspection of your home. 

General home inspection typically includes:

  • thermal imaging to check for water damage, energy efficiency, etc 

  • moisture meters to detect elevated areas of moisture which can lead to mold and/or microbial growth

  • electrical diagnostic devices to find improperly configured outlets/circuits

  • inspection of roof including exterior covering, drainage, and interior structural integrity 

  • inspection of damage or deterioration of external chimney masonry 

  • exterior inspections including siding, windows, doors, decks/porches, driveway, grading, drainage, intruding vegetation, and more

  • interior inspection typically includes functionality of appliances, operation of interior doors and windows, abnormalities in ceilings, walls, floors, etc 

  • structural inspection typically includes foundation, structural flooring, main support structures, moisture intrusion, as well as damage from wood destroying insects 

  • electrical inspection typically includes main disconnect, electrical panels, electrical distribution, service entrance, as well as any electrical safety concerns 

  •  mechanical inspection typically includes interior and exterior HVAC components

  • plumbing inspection typically includes plumbing supplies and waste lines for all kitchens, bathrooms, and any visible lines 

  • visual inspection for lead, mold, and/or asbestos safety concerns 

  • radon and water testing available upon request 

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